Better and better off apart: Whither the new ‘family test’?


In the Treasury’s Autumn Statement this week, new rates of tax credit were introduced for the year 2015-16. These show small but significant increases in Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits.

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The Times: "Revealed: shocking cost of divorce for children"


Sir Paul Coleridge: "Children almost never perform at their highest potential when their emotional life is chaotic, and family breakdown is the arch contributor to that. How many more studies and statistics do we need before we all, including government,...

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Bleak prospects for teens who never marry, finds The Marriage Foundation


Far fewer 20 year olds are predicted to marry than the previous generation; only 52 per cent of 20 year olds compared to 68 per cent of 40 year olds.

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The Sunday Times: "Marriage is a choice, a pledge, a commitment — it is a conscious decision with big life-enhancing powers"


"To make that pledge in front of a posse of friends and family is particularly binding. Such vows are not broken lightly."

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“We have six kids, so we felt so beyond that [marriage] for a long time. But the kids were asking and so we thought it would be a lovely thing to do, for them and for us as a family. But I was also surprised afterwards at the effect that getting married has had on us — it was more than just a ceremony, it meant a real depth of commitment.” — Brad Pitt
George Clooney is the marrying kind after all! Asked about his marriage to barrister Amal Alamuddin on September 27th in Venice, George Clooney said “I’m marrying up.”
“It’s hard to live with someone else, who isn’t you. They have annoying habits and so do you. A lot of people get married when they haven’t really thought it through. But I also believe that sometimes people give up on marriage too quickly. It’s not a state of bliss and there was a time when I never wanted to be married. Now I love it. I like being part of a team and a partnership.” — Dame Helen Mirren
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