Golden anniversary couples 200 times more likely to live for a century than get a divorce


Couples who have been married fifty years are over 200 times more likely to become centenarians than get a divorce, new research from Marriage Foundation has found.

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Celebrity marriages doubly as likely to end


New research from Marriage Foundation looked at 488 celebrity couples who married between 2001 and 2010 and found that celebrities are twice as likely to divorce as the rest of us.

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Latest Marriage Foundation research widely reported in press


"Fewer women seek divorce as men shape up", says The Sunday Times. "Blokes triumph as fewer new wives file for early divorce within five years", says The Sun.

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Wives driven to divorce halves in 30 years


New research from Marriage Foundation has found that divorces granted to wives during the early years of marriage have fallen by half since 1986.

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Sir Paul Coleridge on Victoria Derbyshire show

Marriage Foundation’s Founder and Chairman Sir Paul Coleridge interviewed parents and children affected by family breakdown on BBC 2's popular Victoria Derbyshire show on Monday morning the 8th of February 2016.

The programme highlighted the real and long-lasting pain and cost of broken homes. Family breakdown causes emotional trauma and diminishes children's well-being and life chances. £47bn of taxpayer money is spent on family breakdown each year. Sir Paul Coleridge called family breakdown a public health issue on the show and said that more must be done to keep families together.

You can watch the programme here.


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