Marriage Foundation hails six years of marriage stability


New figures from the Office for National Statistics show the proportion of married families in Britain has been stable for the last six years.

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Marriage Foundation/Sunday Times debate:"Is there a difference between marriage and cohabitation?"


Marriage Foundation and the Sunday Times jointly hosted a well attended and much noticed debate at the News Building on January 8th.

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Q: How many children won't be with both their birth parents this Christmas?
A: Over 4 million


One in three children face Christmas without both parents. For the sake of the next generation, we need to rediscover the importance of prior commitment before having children.

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Better and better off apart: Whither the new ‘family test’?


In the Treasury’s Autumn Statement this week, new rates of tax credit were introduced for the year 2015-16. These show small but significant increases in Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits.

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Marriage Foundation in the news

Marriage Foundation Press Comment: Wedding law reform

Daily Mail, 13th January 2015
by Steve Doughty: "And the bride wore... nothing! Nude weddings may be legalised in rethink of marriage laws that could also allow couples to marry in their own home"

Daily Mail, 18th January 2015
by Matt Chorley, Political Editor: "You can leave your wedding hat on! Minister rules out legalising NAKED marriage ceremonies"

Metro, 19th January 2015
by Alison Lynch: "Minister says he has ‘no intention’ of legalising naked weddings"

Marriage Foundation and Sunday Times debate: "Is there a difference between marriage and cohabitation?"

[Blog posts here and here]

Daily Mail, 24th December 2014
by Steve Doughty: "Cohabiting couples should not be given 'married' rights because it sends out the wrong message, says top family court judge"

Sunday Times, 28th December 2014
by Francesca Angelini: "Season of ding-dongs and merry hell"

Sunday Times, 4th January 2015
by Giles Hattersley: "No ring? No rights"

The Guardian, 5th January 2015
by Zoe Williams: "It’s divorce day – let’s bust some marriage myths"

LinkedIn Pulse, 9th January 2015
by Angharad Lynn: "Sunday Times cohabitation debate"

Simpson Millar Blog, 9th January 2015
by Carol Chrisfield: "Marriage Rights and Cohabitees – Should The Law Change?"

The Times, 10th January 2015
by Rosemary Bennett, Social Affairs Correspondent: "Married couples ‘should get milestone tax breaks’"

The Telegraph, 10th January 2015
by John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor: "‘Milestone tax breaks’ idea for married couples who stay together longer"

Daily Mail, 10th January 2015
by Steve Doughty: "Senior judge says married couples who stay married should get a tax break - and those who divorce should be penalised"

Marilyn Stowe Blog, 12th January 2015
"Former family judge: give tax breaks for long marriages"

Marriage Foundation report: One in three children face Christmas without both parents

The Times, 18th December 2014
by Rosemary Bennett, Social Affairs Correspondent: "Santa is single for one child in three"

Marriage Foundation press release: Better and better off apart

The Telegraph, 8th December 2014
by John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor: "George Osborne accused of actively discouraging marriage"

Daily Mail, 8th December 2014
by Daniel Martin, Whitehall correspondent: "Tax penalty on couples 'made worse by George Osborne': Campaigners say parents will still be encouraged to live apart by changes to tax credits system"

Marilyn Stowe Blog, 8th December 2014
"Osborne’s Autumn Statement ‘discourages marriage’"

Marriage Foundation press comment: Four in ten 11-year-olds have seen their parents break up

The Telegraph, 28th November 2014
by John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor: "Collapse of the two-parent family"

Daily Mail, 28th November 2014
by Steve Doughty: "Four in ten 11-year-olds have seen their parents break up: Modern youngsters four times as likely to see family collapse as those in the 1960s"

Marriage Foundation press comment: Divorce’s toll on children

[Blog post here]

The Times, 24th November 2014
by Frances Gibb, Legal Editor: "Revealed: shocking cost of divorce for children"

Daily Mail, 24th November 2014
by Francesca Infante: "Children of divorce 'more likely to drink, fail exams, develop eating disorders and do drugs'"

Marriage Foundation press release: Divided Nation

[Press release here; Report here; blog post here]

Daily Mail, 18th November 2014
by James Bartholomew: "How the Welfare State wrecked marriage"

The Telegraph, 18th November 2014
by Andrew Lilico: "Why debt-fuelled spending on Christmas and weddings is humbug"

Marilyn Stowe Blog, 18th November 2014
"Will broken homes become the norm?"

The Telegraph, 17th November 2014
by John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor: "Young twice as likely to face family breakdown as parents’ generation"

Daily Mail, 17th November 2014
by Steve Doughty: "Only one in 20 unwed parents will stay together until their first-born is 15 and less than half of today's 20-year-olds will marry"

Marriage Foundation press comment: Parental conflict

[Blog post here]

The Times, 7th November 2014
by Rosemary Bennett, Social Affairs Correspondent: "Go on, have a blazing row — it’s good for the kids"

Marriage Foundation press comment: Marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

[Blog post here]

Sunday Times, 26th October 2014
by Eleanor Mills: "Saying ‘I do’ matters for Brad and me"

Marriage Foundation press release: "UK lone parent capital of Western Europe"

[Press release here; report here]

Daily Mail, 10th October 2014
by Steve Doughty: "Now we're the single parent capital of Western Europe: One in four British children now live with lone mother or father"

Christian Institute, 17th October 2014
"UK is lone parent capital of Western Europe"

Marriage Foundation press comment: Happy wife, happy life

The Telegraph, 7th September 2014
by John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor: "The Nora Batty effect: how a happy wife means a happy life"

Times Online, 17th September 2014
by Lois M. Collins: "Woman's happiness most important to having a successful marriage"

Marriage Foundation press comment: The myth of the good divorce

[Blog post here]

Daily Mail, 3rd September 2014
by Steve Doughty: "Amicable divorce 'is just as damaging for children': Impact of a split on youngsters is same if couple remain friends or not"

Christian Institute, 7th September 2014
"No such thing as a ‘good divorce’, says US study"

Times Leader: Beating Poverty

The Times, 19th August 2014
"The prime minister is right to believe that job creators, teachers and parents underpin the good society"

Marriage Foundation press comment: "Before I Do"

Sunday Times, 24th August 2014
by Nicholas Hellen, Social Affairs Editor: "Happy wives have fewer notches on the bedpost"

The Australian, 25th August 2014
"Some can’t be satisfied: multiple partners points to marriage misery for women, researchers say"

Marriage Foundation press comment: 400,000 children not living with both parents

Christian Institute, 7th August 2014
"Almost 400,000 kids not living with both parents, stats reveal"

Marriage Foundation press comment: Adultery

London Live TV, 16th July 2014
"Affairs different when children are involved?"

Marriage Foundation press comment: Cheryl Cole's second marriage

[Blog post here]

BT News, 14th July 2014
by Nel Staveley: "Second time lucky, Cheryl"

Marriage Foundation press comment: Marriage Boom

[Blog post here]

The Telegraph, 11th June 2014
by John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor: "Marriage boom as Britain experiences the feel-good factor"

Daily Mail, 11th June 2014
by Matt Chorley and Steve Doughty: "Rise of the VERY old romantics: Weddings among over-65s jump by 25% in a year as marriage comes back into fashion"

Marriage Foundation press release: "Nearly half of today’s 20 year olds will never marry"

[Press release here; report here, blog post here]

Daily Mail, 9th June 2014
by James Chapman: "Why half of today's 20-year-olds will never get married: How young couples are more likely to cohabit than tie the knot"

The Telegraph, 9th June 2014
by James Edgar: "Half of 20-year-olds will never marry in 'devastating' trend"

Marilyn Stowe Blog, 10th June 2014
"Half of young people “will never marry”"

il, 10th June 2014 (Italian)
"La generazione single Quella metà del mondo che non si sposerà mai"

Daily Mail, 12th June 2014
by Linda Kelsey: "As research predicts most 20-somethings will never wed I fear my two divorces have put my son off marriage for life"

Global Legal Post, 12th June 2014
by Shannon Sweeney: "No marriage for half of 20-year-olds"

Voice of Russia, 15th June 2014
"Marriage on the decline but "'happily ever after' still has deep appeal"", 15th June 2014 (Czech)
"Manželství se dostává na druhou kolej"

Voice of Russia debate, 29th June 2014
"Is marriage in the UK on the decline?"

The Telegraph, 21st July June 2014
"Will Generation Y ever tie the knot?"

Sir Paul Coleridge's first post-retirement interviews

Sunday Times, 18th May 2014
by David Leppard: "Senior judge attacks chief justice"

Sunday Times, 18th May 2014
by David Leppard: "What would they do next — hang me?"

Daily Mail, 18th May 2014
by Ian Drury: "High Court judge who spoke out in favour of marriage says he would have been 'publicly hanged' if he had spoken out again"

Sky News, 18th May 2014 [Transcript]

The Times, 19th May 2014
by Frances Gibb: "Judge attacks colleagues over ‘chronic fear of risk’"

Victoria Derbyshire, BBC Radio 5 Live, 19th May 2014
At 07.20 - 36.05

Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2, 19th May 2014
At 01.09.40 - 01.28.55

MF Press Comment: Disappearing Stepfamilies

The Telegraph, 9th May 2014
by John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor: "Britain’s vanishing stepfamilies"

MF Press Comment: "Marriage at First Sight"

The Express, 8th May 2014
by Sarah Ann Harris: "Controversial 'Married At First Sight' show slammed as 'nonsense' by experts"

The Telegraph, 8th May 2014
by Hannah Furness, Arts Correspondent: "Channel 4 accused of trivialising marriage as strangers wed for new show"

The Times, 9th May 2014
by Alex Spence, Media Editor: "First sex in the studio, now strangers marry on sight"

International Business Times, 9th May 2014
by Ben Skipper: "Married at First Sight: Strangers Get Hitched in New Channel 4 Show"

Daily Mail, 9th May 2014
by Laura Cox: "Channel 4 slammed by marriage campaigners over reality show that will see two strangers wed before being asked if they want to divorce six weeks later"

Canada Free Press, 10th May 2014
by David C. Jennings: "Marriage at First Sight - where British strangers get married on TV"

Malta Independent, 10th May 2014
"TV show: Couples to wed minutes after meeting, can divorce after 6 weeks"

Sir Paul Coleridge retires to focus on the Marriage Foundation

BBC News, 17th April 2014
"High Court judge Sir Paul Coleridge calls for end to family breakdown 'misery'"

The Telegraph, 17th April 2014
By Claire Carter: "Judge Sir Paul Coleridge retires and calls for end to family breakdown"

Daily Mail, 17th April 2014
By Daniel Martin, Whitehall Correspondent: "I can't just sit and watch the misery of divorce, says judge as he quits"

Belfast Telegraph, 17th April 2014
"Stop family breakdown, says judge"

The Times, 18th April 2014
By Frances Gibb, Legal Editor: "Rebel tells judges to speak out against family breakdown"

The Telegraph, 18th April 2014
The Telegrah View: "No justice for this judge"

Marilyn Stowe Blog, 23rd April 2014
"High Court judge Sir Paul Coleridge retires"

Christian Institute Blog, 23rd April 2014
"Top judge: ‘Stem the tide’ of family breakdown"

Law Gazette, 5th May 2014
by Joshua Rozenberg: "Breaking with the past"

MF Press Comment: ONS data on living arrangements and marital status

The Express, 28th March 2014
By Sarah O'Grady: "How 15.7m Britons are saying 'I don't' to marriage"

Daily Mail, 28th March 2014
BySteve Doughty, Social Affairs Correspondent: "Why divorcees like to be by the sea: Faded seaside towns have higher numbers because of low cost of living"

MF Press Comment: Budget 2014

The Telegraph, 16th March 2014
By Tim Ross, Political Correspondent: "Budget 2014: George Osborne told to extend marriage tax break"

Daily Mail, 16th March 2014
by James Chapman: "Working parents to get £1,200 tax break to help with soaring childcare costs but stay-at-home mums miss out again"

The Conservative Woman, 19th March 2014
by Harry Benson: "The marriage tax break could still make a difference"

MF Press Comment: Pre-nups

BBC Radio 4, 27th February 2014
"Pre-nups 'will become more common'"

BBC News, 27th February 2014
"Binding 'pre-nup' law for couples proposed"

The Telegraph, 27th February 2014
by Claire Carter: "'Prenups to become commodity not luxury'"

BBC Radio 2, 27th February 2014, 1.40pm
At 1:40:00–1:48:00, 27th February 2014 (Spanish)
"Londres propone una ley que regule los acuerdos prenupciales"

BBC Radio 4, 28th February 2014, 8.40pm
At 0:39:00–0:40:00

The Independent, 1st March 2014
by Katy Guest: "Healthy marriages need kindness, not pre-nups"

MF Press Comment: Adultery websites

The Mirror, 23rd February 2014
by Richard Wheatstone: "Love-cheat OAP, 94, is one of almost a MILLION married people hunting for affairs on 'irresponsible' website"

Liverpool Echo, 23rd February 2014
by Helen Davies: "19,000 would-be Merseyside cheats flock to website that sets up affairs"

MF Press Release on ONS Data: New marriages stronger for 8th year running

[Press release here; Report here.]

Blog of the Institute for Family Studies, 6th February 2014
by Harry Benson: "Surprising Divorce Trends in the UK"

The Telegraph, 6th February 2014
by John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor: "Marriage 'stronger than for a generation' despite increase in divorces"

The Times, 6th February 2014
by Rosemary Bennett, Social Affairs Correspondent: "Hard times are over, so it’s safe to get divorced"

The Express, 7th February 2014
by Sarah O'Grady: "Divorce rate is set to soar because of booming economy"

The Sunday Times, 23rd February 2014
by Nicholas Hellen, Social Affairs Editor: "Young couples send divorce to 30-year low"

Daily Mail, 23rd February 2014
by Steve Doughty: "More couples surviving the seven-year itch: Early divorce risk lowest since 70s"

MF Press Comment: Commons Education Select Committee

The Times, 23rd January 2014
by Rosemary Bennett, Social Affairs Correspondent: "Bad parents ‘must be told to put children first’"

Marriage Foundation's response to the DWP Family Stability Review

See the response here.

Daily Mail, 21st January 2014
by Steve Doughty: "Encourage marriage for the sake of children: Top judge's advice to Iain Duncan Smith to combat high break-up rates among cohabitees"

Marilyn Stowe Blog, 21st January 2014
"Cohabitation drives family breakdown, campaigners claim"

Christian Concern, 23rd January 2014
"High Court Judge challenges state to promote marriage to combat family breakdown"

Daily Mail, 23rd January 2014
by Steve Doughty: "Decline of marriage: Just 4million homes now made up of husband, wife and children"

The Telegraph, 23rd March 2014
by Steven Swinford, Senior Political Correspondent: "Midwives, GPs and registrars to help tackle family breakdown"

House of Commons Debate on Strengthening Couple Relationships, 14th January 2014

BBC Democracy Live, 14th January 2014
"Westminster Hall: Strengthening couple relationships"

The Telegraph, 14th January 2014
by Matthew Holehouse, Political Correspondent

The Express, 17th January 2014
"Politicians must be ready to speak up for marriage"

The Express, 18th January 2014
by Ross Clark: "Family breakdown is a huge burden on our taxpayers"

The Sunday Express, 19th January 2014
by Marco Giannangeli: "MPs tell Cameron to fight 'plague' of failing marriages"

Marriage Foundation's Second National Conference "For the Sake of the Kids — Relationships Education: the problem, policy and practice"

The Times, 5th December 2013
by Frances Gibb, Legal Editor: "Divorcing couples ‘ignorant’ about the damage to children"

The Telegraph, 5th December 2013
by John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor: "Teach married couples about monogamy for sake of the children, says High Court judge"

The Times, 6th December 2013
by Penelope Leach: "Revealed: the ruinous cost of family breakup"

The Times, 6th December 2013
by Frances Gibb, Legal Editor: "A stressed-out mother ‘is bad for her unborn baby’"

Daily Mail, 6th December 2013
by Steve Doughty: "The cost of divorce isn't money, but sheer pain: Judge's warning to parents"

The Telegraph, 6th December 2013
by James Kirkup, Political Editor: "Glitzy weddings take shine off marriage, says Iain Duncan Smith"

The Times, 7th December 2013
by Frances Gibb, Legal Editor: "Marriage should be cherished, says Duncan Smith"

Daily Mail, 7th December 2013
by Damien Gayle: "Obsession with having a glitzy fairytale wedding is killing the meaning of marriage for many couples, says minister"

The Telegraph, 8th December 2013
by John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor: "Don't have children unless you are ready to marry, says judge"

Daily Mail, 8th December 2013
by Rachel Johnson: "Don't envy those 'power couples' - they're cursed"

The Independent, 8th December 2013
by Tom Foot: "Couples should not have children until they are ready to marry, says High Court judge"

Huffington Post, 9th December 2013
"Don't Have Children Unless You're 'Stable Enough' To Get Married, Judge Paul Coleridge Says"

Daily Mail, 9th December 2013
by Mario Ledwith: "'Get married if you want a family': Top judge urges parents to tie the knot as he attacks politicians' 'ignorance' towards the virtues of married life"

Yahoo News, 9th December 2013
"'No kids unless you're stable: judge"

The Guardian, 9th December 2013
"Only have children if you are ready to marry, says high court judge"

The Telegraph, 9th December 2013
by Cristina Odone: "If the Left wants to help working-class people, it should boost marriage"

The Times, 9th December 2013
by Kevin Maher: "Kevin Maher: The grass is greener on the other side of wedlock"

The Independent, 9th December. 2013
by Adam Withnall: "Couples should marry before having children, High Court judge says"

The Mirror, 9th December 2013
by Steve Robson: "'Couples should only have children if they are married' says top judge"

Daily Mail, 10th December 2013
"Why I believe any couple who want to start a family should be ready to marry"

Huffington Post, 10th December 2013
by Michael Kallenbach: "Why Couples Counselling Would Have Been Good for Nigella and Charles"

The Dating Dilemma, 12th December 2013
by Andre Adefope: "No one likes to talk about relationships breaking down, but we need to!"

RFC Family Law, 12th December 2013
by Megan Bennie: "Marriage conference focuses on the effect of divorce on children"

Family Law Week, 13th December 2013
"Divorcing couples regret the impact on children but don’t tend to seek help, survey finds"

Daily Mail, 16th December 2013
by Peter Hitchens: "A tax break can't rescue marriage: It's been doomed for four decades"

Sydney Morning Herald, 16th December 2013
by Bettina Arndt: "The unspoken truth about marriage and kids"

Huffington Post, 17th December 2013
"Survey Reveals What Divorced Couples Regret Most"

Marriage Foundation press comment: Autumn Statement

The Telegraph, 5th December, 2013
by Steve Hawkes, Consumer Affairs Editor and Nicole Blackmore: "Autumn Statement 2013: Marriage tax break 'will help poorest families’"

Marriage Foundation press release: Unwed parents four times more likely than the married to split

[Press release here; briefing note here]

The Sunday Times, 1st December, 2013
by Nicholas Hellen, Social Affairs Editor: "Unwed parents four times more likely than the married to split"

Daily Mail, 1st December. 2013
by Deni Kirkova: "Revealed: Unmarried couples account for just a fifth of parents - but HALF of all family breakdowns"

Marilyn Stowe Blog, 2nd December. 2013
"Unmarried parents set to account for half of all family breakdowns, campaign group claims"

Christian Today, 2nd December 2013
"Britain needs greater commitment to traditional family, says Marriage Foundation"

The Alpha Parent, 16th December 2013
"Why Married Parents Are Better Parents"

Christian Today, 12th January 2014
"Time to reverse 'bias' against marriage – Iain Duncan Smith"

The Guardian, 18th December 2014
"Sorry, Carla, but nobody cares if you’re a ‘bastard’"

Sir Paul Coleridge's interview with The Tablet

The Times, 29th November 2013
by John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor: "Judge Sir Paul Coleridge quit because of lack of ‘support’ over marriage stance"

Marriage Foundation press comment: ONS Families and Households data 2013

The Times, 1st November 2013   —  Full text.
by Rosemary Bennett, Social Affairs Correspondent: "Children return to the nest with their partners in tow"

Marriage Foundation press comment: how to argue

The Times, 28th October 2013   —  Full text.
by Anna Moore: "How to make arguments good   for your relationship"

Marriage Foundation press comment: newly released 2011 census data

The Telegraph, 12th October 2013
by John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor: "Britain's married minority"

Daily Mail, 12th October 2013
by Ellie Buchdahl: "Bridget Jones Britain: Married couples are now a MINORITY in UK as the number of single Britons soars by a quarter"

Daily Mail, 13th October 2013
by Steve Doughty: "Coastal towns have UK's highest number of residents from broken marriages"

Daily Mail, 16th October 2013
by Steve Glover: "For years the Left crushed debate on fatherless families. Now one man's dared to tell the truth"

Daily Mail, 21st October 2013
by Jack Doyle: "Half of today's babies will see their parents split up by the time they reach the age of 15"

The Telegraph, 21st October 2013
by Rosa Silverman: "Half of today's children will see parents separate"

Sir Paul Coleridge addresses the Family Law Conference 2013

Click here for Sir Paul Coleridge's full speech

The Times, 9th October 2013   —  Full text.
by Frances Gibb: "Family law hopelessly outdated, says Judge"

The Law Society Gazette, 10th October 2013
by Catherine Baksi: "Kill off outdated family law, says retiring Coleridge"

Letters to the editor, The Times, 11th October 2013
Caroline Goorney, Newcastle upon Tyne : "Family law reform"

Marilyn Stowe Blog, 11th October 2013
"Modernise divorce law, says retiring judge"

Family Law Week, 13th October 2013
"Matrimonial Causes Act should be ‘killed off’ says Sir Paul Coleridge"

Marriage Foundation press comment: marriage waiting periods

Daily Mail, 11th October 2013
by Jack Doyle: "Wedding shake-up to tackle sham marriages: Notice period increased to 28 days so officials can check unions are genuine"

Marriage Foundation report: End the couple penalty which encourages couples to 'pretend to live apart'

Sunday Times, 15th September 2013   —  Full text.
by Nicholas Hellen: "240,000 couples claim to be apart to grab lone-parent benefit"

The Times, 16th September 2013  —  Full text.
by Harry Benson: "It’s only fair to get rid of the marriage penalty"

The Telegraph, 21st September 2013
by Steven Swinford, Senor Political Correspondent: "Married tax breaks will be "empty gesture" unless they are more generous"

The Telegraph, 23rd January 2014
by John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor: "Out of sight but not out of mind — Britain's long-distance marriages"

Marriage Foundation press comment: British Social Attitudes Survey shows that we value fidelity and commitment more than ever

The Telegraph, 10th September 2013
by John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor: "Marriage 'no longer the foundation stone of family life'"

Marriage Foundation press comment: IFS study is wrong to say that marriage doesn't matter

The Telegraph, 24th July 2013
by Sir Paul Coleridge: "Sir Paul Coleridge: IFS report on marriage 'misses the point'"

The Telegraph, 24th July 2013
by Steven Swinford, Senior Political Correspondent: "David Cameron's tax breaks are 'symbolic', IFS says"

The Telegraph, 24th July 2013
by Steven Swinford, Senior Political Correspondent: "Decline of marriage has led to family breakdown, senior judge warns"

The Telegraph, 24th July 2013
Video: "IFS report misses the point of marriage tax breaks"

Family Law Week, 25th July 2013
"IFS and Marriage Foundation disagree as to whether 'marriage is good for children'"

Marilyn Stowe Blog, 25th July 2013
"Marriage offers little benefit to children, says Institute for Fiscal Studies'"

Marriage Foundation press comment: Childhood sweethearts

The Independent, 24th July 2013
by Jonathan Brown: "Childhood sweethearts more likely to endure the earlier you were born, study reveals"

Marriage Foundation press comment: births outside of marriage

BBC London 94.9, 11th July 2013
At 1:14 to 1:20

Divorce rates immune to boom and bust, new MF research shows

Daily Mail, 24 June 2013
Financial pressures during a recession 'does NOT lead to more break ups'

Daily Telegraph, 24 June 2013
The theory that recession leads to a rise in divorce has been dismissed in a new study arguing that there is no link between the economy and family break-up

Marilyn Stowe Blog, 24 June 2013
The Marriage Foundation: ‘no link’ between divorce and recession

Money and Divorce, 1st July 2013
Marriage Foundation's new report says recession 'does not lead to more break ups'

Harry Benson argues the case for marriage on BBC 2's Newsnight programme

Newsnight (BBC 2) 22nd May 

The myth of long-term stable relationships outside of marriage

The Telegraph, 22nd May 2013
by John Bingham, Social Affairs editor: "Almost no couples with children who stay unmarried stay together, study claims"

Daily Mail, 22nd May 2013
by Steve Doughty: "Nine in 10 children born to cohabiting couples this year will 'see parents split by the time they are 16'"

Family Law Week, 23rd May 2013
"Cohabitation fails to offer stable home for children, claims Marriage Foundation report"

Marilyn Stowe Blog, 23rd May 2013
"Campaign group spotlights the ‘myth’ of stable relationships outside marriage"

Gulf News, 23rd May 2013
"Study on babies with co-habiting parents"

The Times, 24th May 2013
by Frances Gibb, Legal editor: "Most children from broken homes had unwed parents"

The Information Daily, 24th May 2013
"‘Devastating’ family breakdown epidemic needs government action"

South African Independent Online, 3rd June 2013
"Married parents more stable than unmarried"

Marriage Foundation's first anniversary press comment

The Times, Law, 9th May 2013
by Frances Gibb, Legal editor: "Huge scale of marriage breakdown crisis"

The Times, 9th May 2013
by Frances Gibb, Legal editor: "Judge praises Keira Knightley’s cheap and cheerful wedding as a trend to follow"

The Telegraph, 9th May 2013
by Claire Carter: "Judge hopes Keira Knightley wedding will encourage others to wed"

The Telegraph, 9th May 2013
by Judith Woods: "Forget Cinderella carriages and castles. Keira Knightley’s got the right idea"

Marie Claire, 10th May 2013
by Lisa Potter: "Keira Knightley's Low-Key Wedding Praised By High Court Judge"

The Independent, 10th May 2013
by Alice Jones: "Low-key Keira? With a wedding in Provence?"

El Confidencial, 10th May 2013 (Spanish)
"Lo dice el juez: llegar a la boda en un Clio y con un vestido repetido es el ejemplo a seguir"

Letters to the editor, The Times, 11th May 2013
Amanda McAlister, Head of Family Law at Slater & Gordon: "Costly ceremonies"

The Express, 11th May 2013
by Jennifer Selway, Assistant editor: "A low-key wedding for a high-class bride"

Daily Mail, 13th May 2013
by Steve Doughty: "How a lavish wedding could lead to divorce - and why doing it Keira-style is more likely to mean lasting happiness", 13th May 2013 (Dutch)
"Kans op scheiding groter bij dure bruiloft"

Fashion and Style, 7th June 2013
"Keira Knightley Wedding: James Righton, Actress Inspire Cheap Wedding Trend?"

Yahoo Canada, 15th May 2013
"Will Keira Knightley kick off a cheap-wedding trend?"

Catholic News Agency, 15th June 2013
"Costly weddings could be crippling for new marriages"

DFW Catholic, 15th June 2013
"Costly weddings could be crippling for new marriages"

Marriage Foundation press release: "Second Marriages: Triumph of decision over hope?"

Sunday Times, 28th April 2013
by Frances Gibb, Legal editor: "Older and wiser: second time marriages ‘have better chance’"

The Telegraph, 29th April 2013
by Melanie Hall: "Second marriages less likely to end in divorce"

The Telegraph, 29th April 2013
by Kate Figes: "It’s a good divorce that holds the key to a long-lasting marriage"

Daily Mail, 29th April 2013
by Fiona Macrae: "Couples in second marriages are 'less likely to get divorced' because they benefit from experience of the first"

Marilyn Stowe Blog, 29th April 2013
by Marilyn Stowe: "Second marriages ‘less likely to fail’ claims Marriage Foundation", 29th April 2013
"Second marriages less likely to end in divorce, report reveals"

New England Cable News, Boston, 30th April 2013
"Study: Second marriages are less likely to end in divorce than first"

Family Law Week, 30th April 2013
"Second marriages less likely to end in divorce than first marriages, Marriage Foundation reports"

Politics Home, 30th April 2013
"The Marriage Foundation: Second marriages less likely to end in divorce"

Sunday Times, 5th May 2013
by India Knight: "No giddy dreams, no fiery magic — no wonder second marriages last", 10th May 2013
"Get love right a second time"

The Stir, 11th May 2013
by Jennifer Cullen: "My Second Marriage Will Not End in Divorce"

The Independent, 22nd May 2013

by Kate Figes: "So there's a crisis in housing stock? It must be middle-aged women divorcing for the fun of it"

SBWire, 5th August 2013

"Date a Divorcee Offers Infograph on Love After Divorce"

IBB Solicitors Blog, 6th February 2014

"Pre-Nuptial Agreements To Be Enshrined in Law"

Derby Telegraph, 19th August 2014

by Jane McFarlane: "Make no mistake, the pain of divorce is far from easy"

Our First National Conference: "Modern Marriage: Myths, Realities and Prospects", February 15th

Daily Mail, 11th February 2013
by Larisa Brown: "Soaring numbers of unmarried couples sign 'no-nup' agreements to help protect cash if they break up"

London Evening Standard, 11th February 2013
by Martin Bentham: "Rise in 'no-nups' for unmarried couples who want to protect their wealth"

Daily Mail, 14th February 2013
by Steve Doughty: "High house prices are undermining marriage because people can't afford a home AND a wedding, claims High Court judge"

London Evening Standard, 14th February 2013
by Martin Bentham: "Judge: House prices are undermining marriage", 14th February 2013
Effect on house prices

The Telegraph, 15th February 2013
by John Bingham, Social Affairs editor: "Couples who get a kitten before a baby 'more likely to last'"

Daily Mail, 15th February 2013
by Steve Doughty: "Conspiracy of silence on value of marriage: Politicians frightened to admit fathers are vital, says top family lawyer"

Homeowners Alliance, 15th February 2013
"High house prices catalyst for divorce claims judge"

Christianity Today, 15th February 2013
"Britain must address 'marriage crisis'"

The Times, 16th February 2013
by Frances Gibb, Legal editor: "Call for end to ‘cancer of family break-up’"

Indian Express, 16th February 2013
"Couples who get a pet before a baby 'likelier to last'"

Huffington Post, Lifestyle, 18th February 2013
by Suzy Miller: "The True Divorce Stats the Marriage Foundation Want You to Know"

PRWeb, 18th February 2013
"Private Investigator Comment on the Importance of Surviving the First 10 Years of Marriage in Light of a Recent Article in The Telegraph"

Family Scholars, 18th February 2013
by Elizabeth Marquardt: "From the UK: Leading family lawyer says marriage matters"

conservativehome, 20th February 2013
by Harry Benson: "Nearly one in two fifteen year olds experience family breakdown. That fact should shock us."

The Telegraph, 28th June 2013
by Rebecca Homan: "Have the traditional life stages for women disappeared forever?"

Marriage Foundation press release: "What is the divorce rate?"

Daily Mail, 7th February 2013
by Steve Doughty: "The itch is a myth: Couples who stay married for seven years are likely to stay together for good"

The Telegaph, 8th February 2013
by John Bingham, Social Affairs editor: "Survive the first ten years and marriage stays strong"

The Express, 8th February 2013
by Sarah O'Grady: "Today's marriages last as long as ever"

London Evening Standard, 8th February 2013
"Divorce rate after 10 years static"

Marriage Foundation press comment "Divorce rates back at 1970 levels

The Independent, 20th December 2012
by Rob Williams: "Divorce figures at 1970s levels as couples stick it out amid recession worries"

The Guardian, Politics Live Blog, 20th December 2012 at 11.45am
by Andrew Sparrow

Politics Home, 20th December 2012
"The Marriage Foundation: Divorce rates "back at 1970s levels""

Marriage Foundation press release "Celebrities twice as likely to divorce as the rest of the married UK population"

Sunday Times, 18th November 2012
by David Leppard: "Divorce judge warns of Hello! curse"

The Telegraph, 18th November 2012
by Sam Marsden: "Judge warns against idolising celebrity marriages which are more prone to fail"

Daily Mail, 18th November 2012
by Steve Doughty: "Celebrities are less happy than the rest of us says top divorce judge as he warns of curse of Hello!"

Las Vegas Guardian Express, 30th July 2013
by Angelina Bouc: "Vampire Diaries Star Paul Wesley Divorcing Wife Torrey DeVitto"

Marriage Foundation press comment: Online and DIY divorce kits

Daily Mail, 20th September 2012
by Ruth Lythe: "Buy one... set one free: Co-op supermarket to offer bargain £99 DIY divorce kit"

Huffington Post Divorce, 20th September 2012
"The Co-Operative UK Supermarket Offers £99 Divorce Kits"

Marriage Foundation press comment: Online and DIY divorce kits

Marriage Foundation's press release:"'Claims that cohabiting couples are as likely to have children as married couples are misleading", responding to articles in the press:

The Guardian, 20th September 2012
by Owen Bowcott, Legal Affairs correspondent: "Cohabiting couples now as likely to have children as those who are married"

The Telegraph, 20th September 2012
byJohn Bingham, Social Affairs editor: "Living together no longer just a 'trial run' for couples, study shows"

Marriage Foundation press release: "Modern men make better husbands, says new study"

Daily Mail, 15th September 2012
by Steve Doughty: "Divorce rate falls by a quarter over ten years as modern men discover commitment"

The Sun, 20th September 2012
by Martin Daubney: "Divorce rates are falling, thanks to the modern man"

Launch of the Marriage Foundation

Launch of the Marriage Foundation at Middle Temple Hall, 1st May 2012
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