Two thirds of divorces come ‘out of the blue’ for children


New research from Marriage Foundation reveals, for the first time, that the majority (60 per cent) of divorced couples were happy with their relationship only a year prior to separation.

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Marriage rates collapse among middle classes


The middle classes are turning their backs on marriage in their droves, Marriage Foundation has found in research published today. Data shows that the trend away from marriage is now spreading from low income groups to families on middle incomes.

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Marriage inequality between rich and poor soars to all-time high


New data analysed by Marriage Foundation shows an alarming widening of the marriage gap between rich and poor. Marriage Foundation found mothers with young children are four times more likely to be married if they are wealthy than if they are poor.

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Marriage of the month: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

American country superstar Tim McGraw and country-pop singer and actress Faith Hill just celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary. 

Fitting two hectic singing careers with different tour schedules together with a family life is demanding. “The main thing is there's going to be ups and downs, and you're not always going to see eye to eye”, McGraw admits. Yet 19 years and three daughters later the two country songbirds are as deeply in-love as ever. 

McGraw sums up the secret to the success of their marriage: “We just think about how much we love our family, how much we love our life together, growing old together, once your kids grow up. We feel pretty happy in the life that we’ve built together and the community we live in and the way we live our lives.”

We wish the couple happy 19th anniversary!


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