Couples who stay together enjoy degree-equivalent boost to income


Staying together can have the same positive impact on subsequent income as having a degree, a new study by Marriage Foundation has found.

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Marriage Foundation hails six years of marriage stability


New figures from the Office for National Statistics show the proportion of married families in Britain has been stable for the last six years.

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Marriage Foundation/Sunday Times debate:"Is there a difference between marriage and cohabitation?"


Marriage Foundation and the Sunday Times jointly hosted a well attended and much noticed debate at the News Building on January 8th.

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Q: How many children won't be with both their birth parents this Christmas?
A: Over 4 million


One in three children face Christmas without both parents. For the sake of the next generation, we need to rediscover the importance of prior commitment before having children.

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February 2015

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter
Benedict Cumberbatch and theatre and opera director Sophie Hunter married on Valentine's Day. We're pleased that Benedict Cumberbatch  in his recent role as Sherlock Holmes doesn't share his character's views on marriage!

On the subject of Watson's wedding, BBC's Sherlock said "What big day? Two people who currently live together are about to attend church, have a party, go on a short holiday and then carry on living together. What’s big about that?" Mrs Hudson replies, "It changes people, marriage." 

L-R John Humphries, Samantha Singer, Susan Jacklin QC, Kate Spicer, Dr Samantha Callan, Sir Paul Coleridge.

The Marriage Foundation and Sunday Times debate, "Is there a difference between marriage and cohabitation: should all cohabiting couples be treated the same?", was held on 8th January 2015. You can see the video of the debate here.


Marriage Foundation Manifesto

Marriage Foundation has launched its manifesto, which sets out five urgent policies for all parties:

1. A Cabinet level Minister for Families and Family Breakdown

2. A tax and benefits system that supports marriage and sustained relationships

3. Fund and promote relationships education for both children and adults

4. Modernise family law

5. Unashamedly champion marriage as the gold standard for all and eradicate entrenched myths

Click here to read the whole manifesto.

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